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Titan Tuff can customise a large range of products.

We are competitively priced and can work within your desired budget. We can offer small quantity and one off customisations right up to large regular jobs.

The benefit of Titan Tuff taking care of your customisation needs is that we can ensure that your products are supplied correctly and accurately. We know the specific requirements for each products and can advise you on what is best for your brand.

Graphic Design Services included with all our customisations!*

Merchandise & Customisation

Merchandise design and supply

We also offer a range of merchandise for your business or event! We can also arrange the design and print of flyers, booklets, corporate Christmas gifts! Anything you want made custom or branded for you business, we can supply it at a competitive price!


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We can design and supply any type of business merchandise or marketing materials at a competitive price! We have an in house graphic designer which saves you time and money!

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